Onconephrology, a new clinical and research frontier

 3-7 September 2018

Aim and outline of the Course – A new frontier is an outer limit in a field of endeavor, especially one in which the opportunities for research and development have not been exploited. Onco-nephrology, an evolving subspecialty that focuses on the complex relationships existing between kidney and cancer, represents a new interdisciplinary frontier in clinical care and in biomedical research. Indeed, many are the areas where the Nephrologist and Oncologist should work closely with the ultimate aim to provide cutting edge care for patients suffering from cancer and kidney disease.

These areas include 1) acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease in cancer patients; 2) nephrotoxic effects of anticancer therapy, either traditional chemotherapeutics or novel molecularly targeted agents; 3) paraneoplastic renal manifestations; 4) management of patients with a single kidney, nephrectomized because of kidney cancer; 5) renal replacement therapy and active oncological treatments; 6) kidney transplantation in cancer survivors and cancer risk in ESRD patients; 7) oncological treatment in kidney transplant patients; 8) pain management in patients with cancer and kidney disease, 9) development of integrated guidelines for Onco-Nephrology patients and 10) clinical trials designed specifically for Onco-Nephrology.

A multidisciplinary Onco-Nephrology team is thus mandatory to provide outstanding, innovative care in both the acute and chronic setting to these patients.

The aim of this course is to review all the above areas, addressing them from two complementary viewpoint – the one of the Nephrologist, and the one of the Oncologist – and to prepare attendees to face all the challenges ensuing in such a rapidly growing subspecialty.

Participants will be actively involved in the learning sessions. Working groups will be formed on specific topics and three proposals/outlines for review articles in Onco-Nephrology will be accepted for publication in the Journal of Onco-Nephrology (www.onconephrologyjournal.com/), managed by the Course Organizers. The final manuscripts will be prepared in the 8 weeks after the Course, offering a further opportunity of cooperation among the participants, with the guidance of one or two faculty members. Manuscripts will be published in open access.